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Our services for repairs include drywall and wall repairs, wood repairs, floor repairs, interior and exterior repairs, concrete repairs, furniture repairs, fence and gate repairs, window and door repairs.... and a plethora of other home repairs


Our services include maintenance of existing interior and exterior home appliances and structures that include: toilets, bath tubs, faucets, doors, windows, exterior siding, gates, fences as well as upkeeping with aging products such as painting, staining and caulking.......and many other maintenance tasks


Our services include installations of faucets, light fixtures, furniture assembly, tv mounts, dishwashers, microwaves, gates, fencing, doors, windows, sinks, toilets, vanity sinks..... and a wide range of household items

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SB Handyman Home Services

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Home Improvement Projects

Services Include:

Interior and Exterior Painting, Flooring repairs, Drywall Installations, Drywall patches, Hanging TV, Pictures and Mirrors, Fence Staining and Painting, Cabinet, Door & Trim Painting, Home Repairs, Wood Repairs, IKEA Furniture Assembly, Tile Installation and Repairs, Pet Door Installation, Sink and Faucet Installations, Baseboard and Trim Installation, Caulking, Lighting and Fixture Installations, Small Scale Kitchen and Bath installations, Door Knob and Lock Installations, Demolition Projects

..... And Much More!

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