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As a Handyman you run into all sorts of different projects from home painting and drywall repairs, to sink faucet installations and light fixture changes. Here are some photos of some of the projects we have done.

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Interior Room Painting

Handyman Painter

SB Handyman loves doing home interior painting throughout Santa Barbara, California. Room interior painting can be a tedious home improvement project, but the results are always fun to see. Painting in Santa Barbara is one of your most favorite projects to do!

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Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation and Mudding

Installing Drywall and mudding drywall is always a project we enjoy doing as a handyman

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Flooring Repairs and Installation

Handyman Flooring

Give us a call to help repair some squeaky floors or floor boards... We also can help out installing flooring for a new room or guest house too. Santa Barbara has some old spanish houses with wood floors, so always a fun one to try and fix!

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Ceiling Support

Ceiling Tile Installation

Our Ceiling projects consist of installation new ceiling tiles, installing new drywall or other tasks such as installing a hammock into the ceiling. Ceiling installations can always be tricky because you may not know what is exactly above you, ha! Give SB Handyman a call for help on your Ceiling Installations in Santa Barbara, CA

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Carpentry Installations 

Carpenter and Woodworkings

Many projects involve replacing or repairing old parts of the house such as wood  paneling. Give SB Handyman a call for help on changing out older elements of your house for safety concerns or aesthetics.